Refurbished Amiga 1200


Recapped and ready to go


The A1200 can be considered the king of the “keyboard computers”. Released in 1992, it took the design of the A600 but the ethos of the A500 and embarked on a mission to take over bedrooms everywhere.

The AGA chipset boosted the graphics capabilities, with more colours on screen and a range of new productivity screenmodes. The 68EC020 processor and double the RAM of the A600 means it’s more capable out of the box too, whether you’re gaming or looking to create some graphical masterpieces.

We regularly have A1200s available, which we refurb to ensure they give years of trouble-free pleasure. This compromises

  • Recap with correct type Panasonic capacitors
  • Full diagnostic soak test of all electrical systems – sound, graphics, memory etc – and faults rectified by a qualified electronic engineer
  • Clean and test of mechanical elements such as floppy drive and keyboard
  • External clean and replacement of missing screws and panels
  • Ultrasonic clean of mainboard

As it has been many years since the last A1200 was built, these will not be in new condition but will be as good as we can manage, and we pride ourselves on selling the best examples we can find, with quality work carried out. As such there may be blemishes and discolouration but we’ll be happy to discuss specific examples you’re interested in if you contact us.


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