I want to sell you my Amiga!

Pristine Amiga 1200

Here, at Pure Amiga Towers, we are always looking to replenish our stock of refurbished Amiga goodies. This may be a 500, 500+, 600 or 1200. We even look to purchase the “BIG BOX” Amigas, but we know these are rarer and needless to say, more expensive!

Without wishing to upset or offend anyone, the prices we offer reflect the work we need to put into your beloved Amiga for us to resell at a profit. The price will be affected by the following –

  1. Condition. Has it been in a dusty loft and looks like its been down a mine for the past 20 years? Strongly consider giving it a clean before you send us photos! A clean machine looks far superior!
  2. Does it work? By work we mean exactly that – does it work? Not just turn on and click, connect it to a video source and load a game or workbench. We will need to see photos of operation. A Kickstart boot screen doesn’t mean your Amiga is working! Its just loaded from ROMs.
  3. What do you have with your Amiga? Again think cleanliness and operation. All those floppy disc games are just pretty boxes without being tested.
  4. Finally, the most important thing, have a price in mind as you contact us. We will ask for that price on our initial reply if you haven’t already stated one. Note that you will be expected to ship the product (at your cost!) to us, safely and securely via a tracked method.
Blizzard 1230 MkIV accelerator

Please use this contact form below to send us your initial enquiry. We will then personally email you back requesting further information for your valuation.