Terms and Conditions

Identifiction of terms used, details therein and descriptors.

Where the terms, “We” and “us” are refered to, they relate to “Pure Amiga”, this entity is deemed ” the Seller” .

Where the term “You” is refered to, this means YOU! the customer, this entity is deemed ” the Buyer”.

The transaction between Buyer and the Seller has references to the terms “order”, “products” and “goods”. This is now referenced to any and all items purchased by the buyer and therefore any and all items sold by the seller.

Finally, descriptive terms.

The terms “website” and “webstore” refers to the entity “pureamiga.co.uk”

In all cases, where the terms “working days” and “business days” are refered to, we mean Monday – Friday. We do not term a business day as a Saturday or a Sunday. Business days are 5 (five) week days, not weekends. At all. Ever.

Clicking that “I have agreed to terms and conditions” button on a purchase means just that! You have read the terms and conditions and you agree to them. There will be no discussion based on the “well I didn’t have time to read them but I clicked it anyway” scenario or any variation along those lines.


We do not supply any goods on a “try before you buy” basis. Try going to a supermarket and say that you will pay for the baked beans after you have eat them! Seriously, get a grip!

You are an adult, you are accepting responsibility for your purchase. You will have ensured that it is a product you want, that you are capable of using item, installing it, caring for it etc etc. We will not discuss your drunk purchases, the issue with your other half finding out how much you spend on Amigas etc etc. We try to ensure suitability of all items however, there is an infinite number of system builds and configurations. We cannot state that the product will work, without tinkering , with any and all systems. That’s the joy of Amigas – right?

Should you need your hand holding BEFORE you purchase, then please contact us , we promise not to laugh and also reserve the right to publish your emails on open forum.

Prices and availability are subject to change . Welcome to BREXIT. That’s all we are going to say. There’s no rhyme or reason on why prices and availability change instantly sometimes. Its life. It happens.

When you place and order, until we issue an invoice and confirm delivery, it just that, an order. It becomes a confirmed purchase on allocation of goods to your order (goods are sometimes made to order for instance), availability of goods from a supplier, availability to ship an item, the list goes on and these are just examples.

Sometimes errors occur, we are human. The product will be price checked BEFORE we allocate the item to your order. Any displayed price is “an offer to sell”. No, we do not have to honour it, no, it is not your right to buy it. No, you have not read the Consumer Rights Act. We reserve the right to remove an items from sale, at any point.

E & O E

Errors and omissions excepted.


And we mean need, not change of mind, not “I bought it drunk” etc etc.

Under current legislation you are entitled to return defective items only. What we sell is are specialist items, often custom built. As such, these are a one way trip item. Not a change of mind item. We will honour any and all faulty or defective items returned, providing you adhere to the following –


Any fault detected by the buyer, not a third party, your parent, dog, cat or anyone else, the buyer! must be notified to us within 2 calendar weeks from the tracked date of receipt. Notification is via a replied email, your reply will have a returns number within, you must detail that returns number within the packaging.


The buyer returns the item at their own cost and risk. If it arrives damaged, beyond any verified damages previously, all claims will be null and void. Packaged well with insurance is the way to go. Included in the packaging will be your details, your original order and the returns number. Without these a refund will not be processed.

Costs to return the item are the buyers responsibility. We will not refund costs for returning any item.

If your item returns to us damaged, beyond the reason for return, then any and all costs to bring the item to repairable level will be deducted, and / or charged to the customer.

There will never be a case where we will collect an item. Ever. At all. Period.


We can only process a refund in the method that the payment was made. This is a law and is not open for discussion.

Refunds are made within 15 working days from the date that the refund item is accepted as suitable for a refund. Processing time for the refund once we have issued it is down to the particular method of payment and is outside of our control.

Should you wish to cancel an order, once the order is processed and confirmed, but prior to shipping, WILL incure a 20% admin charge for restocking purposes. No one works for free, you don’t, we don’t. Your change of mind is upto you, make sure you want the item BEFORE clicking buy!

Any item returned to us MUST be in saleable state. Works to remove life, crud or damages created by the customer will be deducted from any refund. Any evidence of tampering, removal of security seals or damages to the same, voids warranty and will effect any and all refund.


During the checkout process you will be given options for shipping. These will range from basic carriage with basic insurance, through to specialised carriage with specialised insurance. Be very aware, when placing your order that a low value insurance WILL NOT cover the full cost of a high value item!


Refurbished Amiga which costs, lets say, £100 (you should be so lucky!)

You pay for basic shipping with £20 insurance.

It arrives damaged and a claim is made on the insurance. They pay out £20, you are out of pocket for the rest! – It is upto yourself to cover your purchase with suitable insurance for shipping/postage.

We cannot and will not accept any liability for ANY carrier or postal service once the prduct has left our packaging depot and been collected/delivered to the carrier/postal service.

Where we indicate lead times for a delivery service, this is an indication only and is usually shown via the carrier. Life happens, deliveries sometimes are longer than expected. Its a thing, get used to it !


We will denote any item for sale under the following 3 (three) categories –


New items carry the warranty deemed by the manufacturer. For custom produced (open source) items, this will be 90 days from purchase. For any retail product from other companies, the warranty will be as deemed by that company.


Refurbished items carry a 90 day limited warranty. These items include ALL repairs, ALL recaps and any other repair service not stated.


No warranty at all. Nothing. Whilst working as we release them, these will be aged products or software on discs of any format. Basically sold as seen and buyer beware of this.


You are covered against failure due to a poor quality/sub standard item failure. where security seals have been placed on an item, damage or removal of that seal voids any and all warranty.

The limited warranty does not cover –

Damages caused by end user incorrect user or incorrect installation methods.

Damages caused through electrical or electrostatic discharges.

Cosmetic or product abuse (dog chewing the item or beer/coke poured over items ARE NOT covered – you get the idea?)

Use of the item for which it is not intended – that CD you bought is NOT a coaster !

Per current legislation, we will repair an item where deemed required due to failure of a component we deem as poor or substandard. Should we be unable to repair we will replace with a product of the same value as purchase, should we be unable to formulate a repair or suitable replacement we will then refund the original cost (less shipping fees).

There will be no discussion of an losses due to failure other than the cost of the item. The fact you took a day off work to notify us is completely your choice and is not out responsibility. This is the digital age, you will be notifying us vial a digital method with photos of the problem item. You do not need to spend a day at home waiting a reply!